Vocabulary Gleaned from theTOEFL:

Choose the word or words that best describes the  underlined .
1. Did you find a solution to the fifth problem in the math homework?
A. accomplish
B. felt
C. crack
D. elaborate
E. figure out

2. Dan Marino, the Miami quarterback was never a danger when he ran. Doug Flute, for example, has rushed for
more yards in a single game than Marino had in his career.
A. safeguard
B. omen
C. threat
D. distress
E. ill

3. Sophie didn't hand in his homework and neither did Claire.
A. compliment
B. parchment
C. accomplishment
D. cement
E. assignment

4. David Clément leans toward the suave and  sophisticated side of a topic until he has to speak in English.
A. tends
B. feels
C. takes care of
D. detests
E. jokes

5.  Lise and I were having a nice conversation and then it just slipped out..
A. dropped the hat or the tag
B. fell silent
C. revealed a secret
D. slide off a subject
E. blurt out something that you would have rather not said

Fill in the blank:

6. If you're looking for the fusball and video games you'll find them in the  _________ at the end of the hall.
A. computer lab
B. student's lounge
C. dean's office
D. recreation room
E. gym

7. Look in the mirror, you still have  ______________ on your face.
A. soap
B. mope
C. cope
D. rope
E. dope

8. I did think that I'd like to listen to MP3s or search for them on the web but now I'm  __________ . I can't stop
playing them.
A. chinooked
B. cooked
C. hooked
D. booked
E. overlooked

9. ______________ we are use to plastic bottles and throw them away, but if we went back hundred years,
they would be considered a novelty and might be even be priceless.
A. in the times to come
B. nevertheless
C. however
D. although
E. nowadays

Choose the phrase that best describes the meaning of this sentence.

10.  Julien chose a lot of subjects  to study this semester and this will be a real burden.
A. Loaded subjects can kill.
B. Julien's stuff is a heavy load.
C. If you squeezes a load off you are more likely to hit the target.
D. Julien's load is crowded
E. Julien's course load is too heavy.


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