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  "A fool and his money are soon elected."
Will Rogers.
Political Vocabulary Quiz

swing: to be undecided, independent and usually crucial (that can change the outcome of the election)
filibuster: a method to stop the passage  of a bill or legislation by not relinquishing the floor.
pork barrel: fat or waste in a budget designed to garner votes from a region where the "pork" will be spent.
dark horse A little known person who seems to come out of no where and wins or threaten to win the election, a long shot.
radicals: originally members of the extreme Whig or Liberal party in Great Britain. Now a synonym for extremists.
Another place to find some definitions is
Political Words

Fill in the blanks or answer the question:
1. The record for a ___________ is held by Senator Strom Thurmond who spoke continuously for over 24 hours.

A. swing   B. pork barrel  C. filibuster  D. dark horse E. radicals

2.  This year the  ________ states have received the lion's share of the campaign funds, so much so that no TV ads have been aired in some some states.

A. swing  B. pork barrel C.  filibuster  D. dark horse  E. radicals

3. The private space sector thinks that NASA is Congress'  scientific _________ . Every project NASA implements seems to be designed to spend money in a designated region.

A. swing  B. pork barrel  C. filibuster  D. dark horse  E. radicals

4. Ralph Nader is the perennial _____________ candidate. If he ever wins there will be a lot of heart attacks in the United States.
A. swing  B. pork barrel  C.  filibuster   D. dark horse  E. radicals

5.  Name calling: the liberal left loves to call the ultra conservatives "reactionaries". What does the conservative right call leftists?

A. swings  B. pork barrels  C. filibusters  D. dark horses E. radicals

spin: turn and twist a story so that it changes its meaning to one the "spin doctors" wanted. Perhaps from the expression to spin a yarn (tell a story)
lobby: a group who wish to influence political decisions. At one time these people would wait in the lobbies of legislatures to get a chance to talk to elected officials.
photo op: an opportunity (often planned) for the candidate to be photographed positively.
incumbent: someone who is already in office, a presiding elected official.
lame duck: a politician who while still in office will be replaced soon.
Wordcounter's Political Vocabulary Analysis

6. According to the polls the ____________ is slightly trailing his challenger.

A. spin  B. incumbent  C. photo op  D. lobby  E. lame duck

7. If we ever want the zero energy housing bill to pass we are going to have to ___________ hard our congressmen and women..

A. spin  B. incumbent  C. photo op   D. lobby  E. lame duck

8. If he does not succeed with the re-election campaign the Republicans will have a ___________ president for the next four months.

A. spin  B. incumbent  C. photo op  D. lobby  E. lame duck

9.  Apparently the president lost the first televised debate but we'll have to see what kind of ______ his press secretary puts on it.

A. spin  B. incumbent  C. photo op  D. lobby  E. lame duck

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger missed  the perfect ____________ when he declined to attend the Oscars.

A. spin  B. incumbent  C. photo op  D. lobby  E. lame duck

If you answer all ten questions correctly you go to some discussion questions. 

Want more? How about going to political terms?

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"Politics have no relation to morals."
Niccolo Machiavelli

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