The Anti-Gravity Vehicle

YukTronicstmannounces the development of the Echo Nanno Sagan MechanicalStar Engine or ENSMSE for short. Yes, contrary to what most scientists thought: anti-gravity exists and the
 existance of the ENSMSE proves it.
Specifications:Weighing in at a mere one hundred kilograms this powerhouse module delivers over
500 kilograms of lift. This unidirectional force (opposite that of gravity) includes the weight of the unit,
thus in actuality it generates 600 kilograms of boost. Completely self-contained, the ENSMSE or AGM (anti-gravity module)
measures 1.35 meters in height and an average diameter of 60 centimeters.
Operating Parameters: 

The ENSMSE requires a full five minute warm-up. The machine is totally solid state. 
There are no moving parts. In over ten thousand hours of simulated assent there has never
been a machine failure. If, on the other hand, a loss of electricity occurs the unit will continue
to provide boost for around five seconds. To restart the machine requires a minimum of nine seconds of continuous power generation.
Energy Requirements: At peak power levels the AGM consumes just 1.5 kilowatts.

System Limitations:The ENSMSE works within 180 degrees of orientation. This means that the ENSMSE provides full and positive buoyancy unless it is completely perpendicular to the Earth surface. In this extreme state  lift is completely negated. This anti-gravity unit does not function when upside-down.

YukTronicstm Has had some difficulty finding a market for its revolutionary product.
Therefore, it has hired you and your design team to envision a prototype vehicle that will utilize
the ENSMSE  in its basic arrangement.

The project calls for:
             * A visual mockup of the AGV (Anti-Gravity Vehicle)
                     This will include the cockpit, cargo & passenger space  (if any), electrical
                     power facilities, control surfaces, impellers, etc..
              * A detailed explanation of capacities, planned features, etc.
             * Devise multi-use or modular structure for this prototype. At least,
                    three other vehicles having different functions should be able to be based
                    from the basic blueprint.
             * An entire marketing strategy must be outlined, from industry use
                    to customer demand. A sales presentation and ad campaign should be
                    plotted as well.
             * Remember, you will have to control this conveyance along three axis and
                   the AGM does not furnish thrust.
             * Projected cost of each AGM is $6,000.
             *Consider as well, who will be the AGV rivals. What industries are likely to
                     disrupted due to the implementation of this device.

YukTronicstm has also commissioned other designers so you are in competition for  the best model put forth. Good luck.