Computer Buzzwords
(Understanding Cyberspeak)

Choose the correct word That means the same as the  phrase that proceeds it.

1.  This is a ridiculous way of saying small 

2. This is not a particularly inspired way of saying creative

3. A fancy word for sales 

4. An adjective, which means this thing works most of the time

5. This is a curious method of saying that you talk to someone without acknowledging that they might be a human being.
(Perhaps you've gotten a  just little too friendly with your computer)

Look Five More:

6. This one is okay if it is a Chinese name or comes before Pong or as technical term that means to test signal times between machines. But applied to people...
Would you like to be______ed?

7. Now a screwdriver is one and so is a shovel, but in cyberspace it can be an application, or a function in some software, or a new way of doing something or...t

8. This means that it can grow or expand (wow)

9. This means you're not looking at a computer screen.
Unless you can be unplugged?

10. Really, this should mean that you're at the beach, on a board, catching some waves...


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