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Chat Bots

Create Your Own Chatbot? Alice Nexus
If you like chatbots then Robot Anxety is the story for you. Or would you like to have a conversation with a non human
Try one of these chatbots:
Yeti The Abominable Snowman The no frills chat machine.

Jabberwacky slogan: "Bots that learn!"

ELIZA - a friend you could never have before

Or go to Dr. X house o bots

BRIAN is a computer program that thinks it is an 18 year old college student. It was written as an entry in the 1998 Loebner Competition, where it won third place out of six entries. Two judges even gave it a higher score than they gave some human confederates! Feel free to chat with BRIAN and just try to have a natural conversation, about five minutes long. The competition was held in Australia, so pretend you are in Sydney! (Also pretend you don't know Brain's name, or anything about him except that he's in Sidney).

Liguabot: A professional site that is worth a peek. The animation is very good and uses Ken Perlin's "static" or "noise" which makes the bot seem more real.

Just ask Alex
ALEX is an AI-based "bot" programmed to help you locate basic legal information online. But be warned - she's very experimental, and she sometimes has a bit of an attitude! To hear her talk out loud, download the free SpeechPlugin.
ALEX cannot provide legal advice. If you have a legal problem, consult a lawyer. It's fun to talk to her.

CARA (Conversation Analysis Research Avatar) is a Shockwave-based chat bot with speech and graphic capabilities.
Download version at main page. Spooky artificial voice thingy. You'll need the shockwave plugin installed which is available at their site.

Cybelle has been programmed to be "an expert on the world of agents. Thanks to her training and her journeys on the Net, she is gradually developing her own character, and seems to be someone who is very curious, who already has her own sense of humor."

What separates Daisy from Billy (and most other chatbots) is that Daisy has no pre-programmed (or hard coded) language of any kind. She starts with no knowledge of anything, but then is able to gain knowledge as she observes what humans say. From this, she is able to remember patterns of words, and the probability of these patterns occurring. Using this data, Daisy is able to actually generate her own, original, sentences. She also figures out how to respond to users input by analyzing what she has seen before she weeds out the unimportant words, and builds her response on the important ones. Since she has no pre-programmed responses, she can seem quite dumb when you talk to her after creating an empty memory file. It can take a little while before Daisy has gained enough knowledge to be able to create her own sentences. To get you started, the Daisy distribution file contains one memory file, which was built by having Daisy talk to the author. However, you are always able to create a new file and start from scratch. You have to down load to interact with her.

Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion. He can help you be more organized, he can help you use your computer, and he can entertain you. Ultra Hal has many animated characters to choose from and he speaks to you through your sound card with his own voice. You can speak out loud instead of typing.

How about a drink?
My Virtual Bartender
Tired of talking?
How about a virtual kiss?
Go look at this Laura Craft wannabe and play with her controls.  Ken Perlin's
Face Demo.
Warning: real girls do not come with control buttons:

While not really a chatbot everyone can use a few Shakesperian Insults now and then.

Finally, would you like to read about Henri the robotic priest in Good Friday?

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