The First Annual Egg Drop

        The class will be divided into four teams; tentatively, Math, Ecology, and two teams of computer guys.  Though, this is entirely up to your discretion.

Objective: create a prototype that will allow your team to drop an egg from the window on the fourth
floor and recover the egg on the ground unbroken.

Materials: Each team will be given a box containing:

Sheets of fairly stiff paper       A tube of glue     Paper or plastic cups
Rubber bands                         Paper clips           Scissors
Scotch tape                             Packing tape        Razor
Pipe cleaners (If available)      Eggs (unboiled)    Toothpicks
Chewing Gum                        Pencils                  * Rubish pickings
Coat hangers                       **Tools                   Electrical wire

* The team that uses material from the trash will get to call its project
Made from Recyclable Materials.
** Tools maybe borrowed from other departments of the the school but will be considered as
a Capital Investment.

Evaluation Criteria:
Of course, if the egg is broken then the undertaking is a bust. But how do you evaluate a
typical business mission? This is an excellent question and will have to be address at the end of the
class. How does cost figure into the equation? What about time of manufacture? Originality?
What about development costs? Are you going to test your system first and risk losing some eggs?
Esthetically pleasing or Functionally sound? What are your customer's caveats?

Who Does What?
That is for you to decide. It is not as easy as it seems. Some how you will have to come to decisions.

A safe landing. There is a two hour limitation. And at the time of the drop you will have to hold a mini news conference to sell your product. Visitors and participants will vote for the winner or winners.