HyperActive Jargon
( Cyberspeak II )

Choose  the OPPOSITE .

1.  Artificial moments 
Seriously, do you often experience inauthentic periods?

2. Cyberspace 
Makes you think of the butcher, doesn't it? Boy, that is attractive.

3.  A Fat Client (Someone who uses your programs  in Java, C++, etc.
Kind of lets you know where the money is right now.

Okay, please translate this gobbledygook :

4. Solutions 

5. Print based materials .
This one is brought to you direct from Microsoft itself.

Match them up:

6. Seriously redundant 
But used by Madison Avenue hypes the world over.

7. Functions that work 
all right, this does apply quite often to shareware.

8. This means about the same thing as the word result except it sounds more techie 

9. Something that would actually cause you to go out and buy the software as opposed to pirate then trash it 

10. Takes up only a little space on your hard drive 

Authors note: This quiz was compiled by reading Real World IT Magazines targeted at Pro Developers like you.


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