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Chenming Hu, a professor electrical engineering and
computer sciences at the University of California, Berkeley
has apparently set a new world record. He's created a new
form of transistor semiconductor that will, supposedly,
hold 400 times the data of previous chips. If it's the case,
look for future CPU's to make the current 500Mhz versions
look like snails in molasses.
 Mouse Pointer Records Clicks (Wired)
What looks like a playful animated mouse cursor actually tracks users'
Web site visits. Privacy advocates say Comet Systems should have told
users about the software's hidden capabilities. By Chris Oakes.

  Be sure to Check out Dungeon Vocabulary
You know I've been searching the web and there is not Prototype Factory.com
(see Hofmann Modellbau)
Maybe we should invest in a domain name?

Here are the groups for the Labryinth Project:(In case you had forgotten)

Gilberto Alves Ramos
Nathalie Debouzy
Alexandre VASSEUR

Ghozlane TOUMI
Stéphane MAROT

Christophe ROMATIER
Jean-Baptiste PELLEREAU
Dorothée KUHNE
If you want to contact the members of your group just click on the title and you can e-mail everybody.

I think this spot would be a good place to list some of the ideas we have had for each group.
The Matrix
A software agreement that signs away the name of your first born child etc.
The Cube
Once an error occurs the directions change. Strange symbols on the wall could be clues according to
color changes of the page background.
The Prison
A diploma is generated when you finish the three mazes suitable to print.

Here is one ways to use Javascript to replace a link. Directions

You know   these might be interesting places to go see:

super table sorter

Stupid Web Tricks III: The Final Nightmare
Warning: Stupid Web tricks serve little or no useful purpose
to a Web site. They do, however, offer cool features and
eye-catching gimmicks. Proceed to the most recent edition of
our Web tricks series, copy and paste the code, and show
your friends how cool you are

And   this might be worth it to download.
JavaScript Editor is a simple JavaScript program, but it
gives you clear variable and procedure listings at the left
side and an object browser at the top. It also provides a
color-coding environment, a drop-down menu for recent items,
a delimiter procedure so that words are correctly separated,
and an automatic alignment feature to help you deal with
If not there are plenty of other js editors that bear looking into at cnet downloads.