Merry Chrismas
To send a Christmas Card

Today's Questions
From what we have learned in class: "What is good design?

What does a 21 century teacher need in his tool box?
see The White Toefl
How does this help a professor to evaluate his students?

What would you like for X-Mass?
Staroffice or an English Dictionary for example.

If you weren't in class you can always e-mail me at

Final Projects
The Eco Animation Pages

Rontonde Affiliated Projects
Robot Construction

Robot Communication 101

Probability Zero (a math teaching website)


The TOEFL TEACHER'S TOOLBOX (How to create an on-line verifiable test that is simple enough that
Language Teachers can use it.)

(Late arrival)
MIAs (missing in action)

What's happening:
The Quote Machine is finished.
A hypertext quiz using the Quote Machine + Kahula has been created

At long last the beta version of the Matrix is here!