The Prototype Factory

Here is where we explore the 21 century together. Our goal is to bring our school an ourselves into the third wave of industrialization. At least we are going to try.

The Players: (Please submit a photo or self portrait, otherwise I'll be forced to use
your school photos)

Lesson I: How do people do research on the web? Are there  ways to stay up to date
in this increasingly complex world?

Lesson II :  We are going to look at interesting developments in Geology, check out
Buzzwords in computing, and look for some internet guides.

Lesson III   More fun with hyperactive jargon, gooey, etc.

Lesson IV The First Annual Egg Drop

Lesson V    Robotics, legomindstorms, etc.

Lesson VI   Simply amazing

Lesson VII   More on the Labryinth

Lesson VIII  Animation as a Project

Lesson IX  Last class of the Century

Lesson X      Welcome to the third millennium

Lesson XI    Criminal

The Lost Lesson     unfinished business, one last time, Oh God it's over.

The Projects    Here is where you'll find all of our industrial strength designs.
You may copy as many of them as you want. But please keep our names on the webpages.