Student Projects
Here is a project that won third place in a nationwide contest in France for digital animation:
The contest was to make a digital film to publicize the opening of the World Cup in France.
There were three students in the beginning but as they will admit the project was so long to
do that only one finished the work. His name was Laurent Marini.
(This  contains some pretty big files if you want to copy it an watch the show.)

1999-2000 Student Projects

This year we have chose the objective of modernizing this school and others.
Here are some of our latest offerings:

German Tools by  Guillaume BLANCHARD  Jean-Baptiste
Which is currently being used by German Professors in our school as well as
EM Lyon as well.

MSP in Spanish by Anass and Stéphane
I am told that these first two will be added to the official web pages of of the language dept.
here at ENSMSE.

The Matrix  by

1999-2000 Class Projects
The First Annual Egg Drop
         The Volvic Explorer
         Carine's Design Team
         The Arab Sputnik
         Pussy I and II