Reading Questions for "The Ransom of Red Chief" By O Henry

1. Who was Bill? Please describe him.

2. What was the  narrator's name and explain his relation to Bill.

3. Who is Red Chief?

4. Why is Summit's name ironic?

5.  Why did the kidnappers chose a small town?

6. How do we know that the two men are in for a bad time?

7. What did the boy reveal about himself at the first dinner?

8. Would you say that  two desperados slept well? Why or why not?

9. Does the litttle boy want to go home? (explain)

10. When did our villians begin to realize that their plan might backfire?

11. Why does the story teller say: "Heaven help the wolves"?

12. Do you think that they sign the letter "two desperate men" to be intimidating? In what other sense are they desperate?

13. Are the criminals well spoken? How can you tell?

14. Why does the narrator ask Bill if anyone in his familly suffers from heart disease?

15.What would be worse than playing the black scout?

16. What did our con man do to insure that his scheme was fit to "commend itself to professional kidnapers.

17. After the reply  from Mr Dorset was read, why did Bill have such an "appealing look in his eyes"?

18. Why must the boy be taken back at night?

19. How do our con artists convince the boy to go home with them?

20. Why should they worry about how long  Ebenezer Dorset can hold on to Red Chief?

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