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Answers to Astrobilogy 101
1. Choose the another title for this article:
  B. Red Dwarfs: a New Place to Look for Life  

2. The word dimmer as used in this article is closest in meaning to:
B. darker  

3. According to the first paragraph why is the possiblity of life around red dwarfs an auspicious bulletin?
 D. Because they are the most numerous of stars

4. According to the passage what benefit would deep bodies of salt water bring?
  C. Indispensable temperature redistribution

5. The word stinginess as used in this passage is closest in meaning to:
 C. miserly  

6. The word nestled could best be replaced by
 C. settled comfortably  

7. Why does the author mention a blast oven and an icy circle of hell?

A. To illustrate the drastic differences in conditions that were originally postulated for the two opposing faces on this type of planet.

8.Which of the following is not mentioned as NOT being a problem for the prospect of life on these worlds.
  C. A dearth of tides needed for evolution

9.   The word strikingly is closest in meaning to:
 D. Impressively

10.What do you suppose the next topic discussed would be?
A. How animals and plants might differ on these planets.  

Some activities that could be proposed:

Draw or image animals and plants from one of these planets.

Others have suggested  habitable moons. Discuss how would living on a moon be different?

Sunspots and sunflares on a planet that orbits a dwarf red star are more significant. What would solar weather be like?