Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived

After reading the first chapter of the Philosopher's Stone here are a few questions
that will test your comprehension.

1. What can you tell me about  Harry Potter at this stage?

2..  What does Dumbledore put in the letter, in other words what does he write about?

3. How does Hagrid arrive to 4 Privet Dr.?

4. Where does Mr Dursley work and what is his job?

5. Who likes sherbet lemons ( a muggle sweet)?

6. Where or how did Professor McGonagall spend her day?

7. What happened to the streetlights??

8. Upon leaving work, Mr Dursley was so upset or agitated that he walked right into someone.
What did this someone say or do after Mr Dursley said "Sorry"?

9. What was the first oddity that Mr Dursley noticed on his way to work?

10. Speaking of strange events, what bizarre phenomenon did the television news mention?

Associate some words or describe each of the following characters:

Mr. Dursley
Professor McGonagall

Albus Dumbledore

Dudley Dursley
Mrs Dursley

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