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When to use: alike, unlike, dislike, like, likeness
sensible, sensitive, or practice, play

Some common words that seem especially difficult for my French students.
Check out the definitions here below and then take the following test.

Like: 1. to be fond of, to appreciate, to enjoy.
2.  One similar to or like another. Used with the. 3. as if 4. to want to have What would you like? 5. for example (slang)
Alike: 1. similar, parallel, resembling. 2. with the same form or manner. Comparable, identical.
Unlike: 1. different from, not at all equal to. Not typical of, dissimilar. Dislike: 1. to hate, detest, abhor. The opposite of like.
disapproval to look at with disgust or aversion
Likeness: 1. a portrait or portrayal, a semblance
an image of
Sense: 1. any one of the faculties used to perceive the world: hearing, touch, sight, smell, taste. 2. to feel 
3. to understand to make sense of some task or problem.
Sensitive 1. Susceptible to the emotions, thoughts, or situations of others. Prone to empathy. 2. easily offended, grouchy Practice: 1. to perform or do again and again an action to perfect a skill or ability, to drill. 2. to usually do something: H makes a practice of going to market on Thursday.
Play: 1. to engage for pleasure or amusement in sports, acting or other recreation. 2. To be involved in a game. 3. To act in a non serious manner. Sensible: 1. reasonable or using good sense or judgment. synonyms: levelheaded, prudent

1.  Can you believe it? Alix _______  corn on the cob, pumpkin pie and carrot cake. He had seconds on each of them.  He's getting to be a real American.. 
A. likes B. unlikes C. dislikes D. alikes E.  likeness

2. Yann and Hoel are very much __________. They always wear Levi's jeans. They both drink a lot of beer. And they have the same girlfriend: Aurelie.
A. like B. unlike C. dislike  D. alike E. likeness

3.  Nicolas was late for your class too? It is so  _________  him. He's usually prompt. (on time)
A.  like B. unlike C. dislike  D. alike E. likeness

4. Carine promised that she'd draw a __________ of me, although she did say that it might not look like me... exactly. I took that to mean that  she was going to do a caricature of me.
A.  like B. unlike C. dislike  D. alike E. likeness

5.  Damien   says he is going to __________ the entire length of the Loire river..
A.  play canoe B. practice canoe C. canoe D. play canoeing E. practice canoeing

6.  Celia is incredibly __________ to the emotions and thoughts of animals. It said that she can communicate with them.
A. Sense B. Sensible C. Sensitive 

7. Antoine loves to __________ rugby. He positively glows during the game.
A. play B. playing  C. practice D. practicing 

8.  Luc seems like a _________ lad, but appearances can be deceiving. Pierre told me that last night Luc got a tattoo of a dragon on his back, pierced his nose, and married his cleaning lady.
A. Sense  B. Sensible  C. Sensitive 

9. Henri is exceedingly diligent, He has _________ for the TOEIC exam every night this week.
A. play B. played C. practice D. practiced 

10. I __________ that this will be a great year with the Mindreaders in Rehab. I'm clairvoyant you know.;-))
A. sense B. sensible C. sensitive 


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