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Yes that's right sound and the TOEFL. This page illustrates, using the voices of real students, some of the more common questions in the oral section of the TOEFL.

Listen to the two speakers and then choose the best response. If you would like to see the text hold the cursor over the info image. 

1. Excuse me, could you tell me where the Alumni Office is located. I can't find it     Me neither, I suspect that the secretary we passed at the front desk would know.    

What did the second speaker sugest they do?
A. return to the entrance
B. follow him to the Alumni Office
C. look in the front of the desk
D. Spend more time at the Alumni Office

2.  Pardon me, I believe I have an appointment with Dr. Rachel Macnay.     We are sorry but she was called out of her office unexpectedly at 3 p.m. Her    
What will the woman likely do next?

A. find out where the doctor is
B. tell Rachel about her visitor
C. attempt to reschedule the meeting
D. demand that he come back at 3:30

3. Are you going to watch the program on  the rapid evolution of mammals after the demise of the dinosaurs, tomorrow night.     I would love to but I'm working. Thank goodness, they are showing it again Saturday.    
  What  does the last speaker imply?

A. he's working on Saturday
B. he'll change his shift
C. he'll check it out Saturday
D. he's seen it already

4. My wife's got the car all day. The buses don't come anywhere near my house. I have no idea what to do about classes.     You know it is only about 15 minutes by bicycle. You can borrow mine.    
What is the man likely to do?
A. take her bike to school
B. meet the woman in fifteen minutes
C. ride to school with her
D. lend the woman his wife's car

5.  Sir, the waitress brought me this apple juice and it's got an odd taste.     Gee, I'd like to but we're all out. How's about some O.J. instead?    

 What does the second speaker mean?
A. he get some right away
B. he'd prefer that his customer drink orange juice
C. all of the drinks are odd
D. there isn't any apple juice left

6. Would you help me carry these cartons over to the elevator. They're loaded with textbooks and weigh a ton.     Oh, I've had to deal with a lot of back pain of late and I spoke to my physician and he advised me to avoid lifting.    
What does the last speaker imply?
A. he won't help
B. he has voided his doctor
C. he'll move the boxes himself
D. he should shun physics

7. That is such a cool table you got at the fleamarket. Have you made up your mind as to where to put it?     Nah, or not really, I've been placing it here and there and waiting to see where it fits in.    
What does the last person say about the table?
A. it's fairly valuable
B. he fears that it's not the right size
C. the table is a gift for the woman
D. he's not decided where to put it

8. I understand that your roomate is doing poorly, under the weather and all that?      It's just a head cold. He took some advil and is up and about.    
What can be inferred from the last statement?
A. the roomate needs some medicine
B. it's not serious
C. he should wear a hat
D. the roomate should see a doctor

9. It's for you. Should I forward the call to your office?     I'd like that, if I wasn't late for the dentist. I've canceled her twice this month.    
What did she say?
A. she's got no time at present
B. transfer the call
C. cancel the dentist appointment
D. tell the entist that she'll be there soon

10. Hey I'm phoning to reserve tickets for the big football game this weekend. Do you want to go too?     Thanks anyway, I'll be in Florida Wednesday and for all of next week as well.    
What did the last speaker mean?
A. he'll buy a ticket in Florida
B. he's yet to reserve a seat
C. he won't be able to make it
D. he decide next week

Hendrickson's Law:
          If a problem causes many meetings, the meetings eventually become more important than the problem.

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