1. A.      Excuse me, could you tell me where the Alumni Office is located. I can't find it
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1.B      Me neither, I suspect that the secretary we passed at the front desk would know.
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2. A  Pardon me, I believe I have an appointment with Dr. Rachel Macnay.

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2.B  We are sorry but she was called out of her office unexpectedly at 3 p.m. Her
next available slot isn't until Tuesday.

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3.A    Are you going to watch the program on  the rapid evolution of mammals after the demise of the dinosaurs, tomorrow night.
You know like professor Kunze suggested?
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3.B   I would love to but I'm working. Thank goodness, they are showing it again Saturday.

4A   My wife's got the car all day. The buses don't come anywhere near my house. I have no idea what to do about classes.
4B You know it is only about 15 minutes by bicycle. You can borrow mine.

5a    Sir, the waitress brought me this apple juice and it's got an odd taste.
Could you get me another?
5b   Gee, I'd like to but we're all out. How's about some O.J. instead?

6a    Would you help me carry these cartons over to the elevator. They're loaded with textbooks and weigh a ton.
6b   Oh, I've had to deal with a lot of back pain of late and I spoke to my physician and he advised me to avoid lifting.

7a   That is such a cool table you got at the fleamarket. Have you made up your mind as to where to put it?
7b   Nah, or not really, I've been placing it here and there and waiting to see where it fits in.

8a I understand that your roommate is doing poorly, under the weather and all that?
8b  It's just a head cold. He took some advil and is up and about.

9a   It's for you. Should I forward the call to your office?
9b I'd like that, if I wasn't late for the dentist. I've cancelled her twice this month.
So could you tell whoever it is that I'll get back to them as soon as it is humanly possible?


10.a  Hey I'm phoning to reserve tickets for the big football game this weekend. Do you want to go too?
10b Thanks anyway, I'll be in Florida Wednesday and for all of next week as well.