New Technology
21st century rule: "As a teacher or project manager you should never take for granted the level of technology in a school, at work, or at your client's workplace".
Find one person  in the room who (remember you can lie)
Hacked a website found a copy of a science book or best seller in the pirate's library
Made Web pages
with images
with sound
with films
copied and pasted
Javascript onto 
a webpage
animated with a video game
is a Wikipedian
Created a website
used mysql and php
Made images with
has or has easy access to a color printer for posters
or A3 size paper
printed one photo but over several pages
uses portable apps
Programmed in C++, Visual Basic, or Java
has external hard drive
powered from the bus

has booted and run
Linux from a
flash memory stick

found and installed cracked software downloaded from the web. is published on the Internet
(not self published) 
Programmed in 

Made 3D images with blender etc
participated in a project at source forge. Opened an attached file from an e-mail createdMP3
files downloaded from the web.
Has had a perfect stranger link to his or her webpages
Has a digital camera Has recorded sounds 
Made a powerpoint presentation.
with sounds and  film?
has or has easy access to a scanner is a member of the
Internet Archives
edited sounds digitally
copied and pasted
an Applet onto 
a webpage
put their own film
or tutorial on line
Is subscribed to a newsletter. blogs regularly
Created or hosted a chat room
Then write their name in the square and move on to another person.
 Now that the grid has at least one name in each square  form a circle. We are going to see how much in common we all have. As each category is named step into the circle if you know how to or have done these things.

You know what the theme is, so what kind of subjects would you have put in the grid?

How do you think that this grid will change in the coming years?

How important is it to Master the Technology?  Should everyone?