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In the Online version of the TOEFL exam students are required to speak into a microphone and record their voices. We can simulate this by having the students record there voices on their computers. One open source software that I recommend highly is Audicity.
If they have made their recordings on MP3 or an OOG format they can podcast their talks on the web.

Question 1.
Read the question below and on a piece of paper map out what you will say:

             Imagine that you have been elected Emperor of the
Entire World for a week.  Who would you talk to and what would you do?

Preparation Time: 30 seconds
Response time: 1 minute

Question 2.

Using a blank piece of paper take notes while you
listen to the following MP3 which is a short extract from John Updike's
The Disposable Rocket   (oog version)

Then read the following paragraphs:

The Safer Less Dangerous Sex

From the ideas of Psychologist Dr Anne Campbell


Historically speaking, men have ruled the roost in almost every society since the dawn of civilization. From their position of power they have been able to spread ideas that are likely to keep them in control. And women's aggression has indeed been ridiculed as an abnormality, an illness or madness. Even today there is a stigma attached to fighting talk in the powder room. All you girls should now have one question on your lips — what happened to women's liberation? Hang in there girls, and just remember, a revolution always starts with a whisper.

Finally respond to this  question:

   In life, who do you think has the more difficult time :
Men or Women? Explain your reasoning
Time for Reading : 3 minutes
Preparation Time: 30 seconds

Response time: 2 minutes

Question 3

Read the question below and on a piece of scrap paper and  block out what you will talk about:

Your school is to have a visit by a well known TV journalist. You are to have a private interview with this Reporter. What would you like to talk about and why?

Preparation Time: 30 seconds
Response time: 1 minute

Place your  MP3 s (podcast) on your website and send your teacher an e-mail with their location.