Toefl Vocabulary

Find an antonym (the opposite meaning) for each of the words below.
1. Tiny
A. Humongous B. Punt C. Small D. Outrageous

2. Upgraded
A. Advanced B. Jabbered C. Mucked about D. Demoted

3. Demoralize
A. Disparage B. Sensitive C. Confidence D. Encourage

4. Prone
A. Impartial B. Valid C. Delve D. Tends to

5. Nearby
A. Descend B. Close C. Uplift D. Far-off

6. Bedazzle
A. Inert B. Astonish C. Bore D. Seep

7. Foremost
A. Belittling B. Disgusting C. Topnotch D. Worst

8. Clever
A. Unresourceful B. Amiable C. Innovative D.

9. Carve
A. Fuse B. Feed C. Sever D. Fight

10. Swift
A. Slow B. Sexy C. Stunning D. Speedy

Your score is :

Swift,, Carve, Clever, Foremost, Bedazzle, Nearby, Prone, Demoralize, Upgraded, Tiny

Okay now that you know what each word means, use each of these words in a phrase and e-mail me (or your teacher) your completed sentences.