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TOEFL Vocabulary Lesson I

Choose a definition for each of the words below.
1. Abject
A. miserable degraded
B. to think of with joy
C. exact
D. to applaud

2. Acrid
A. without clothing
B. likely; appropriate
C. sharp or bitter taste
D. suitable

3. Dribble
A. to fight as in a contest
B. to flow drop by drop
C. having a small round mark
D. to go bad

4. Dilapidated
A. falling to pieces
B. unfastened
C. to make something bigger
D. folded

5. Emancipate
A. to push down
B. to set free
C. to make known
D. to do better than the others

6. Fastener
A. someone who doesn't eat
B. something that glows
C. something that joins or ties other things together
D. to help with growth

7. Fitting
A. proper, suitable
B. basic
C. filled with fear
D. completely

8. Glow
A. a thing that has worth
B. to send out light without flame
C. serious
D. believable

9. Fund
A. money
B. marked or carved
C. that which can not be touched
D. uplifting

10. Fizz
A. free of disease germs
B. very large
C. strong
D. to make a bubbling hissing sound

Your score is :

Okay now that you know what each word means, use each of these words in a phrase and e-mail me (or your teacher) your completed sentences. This does not mean that you need not use a dictionary to understand the words a little better!

You're being engineers, I suppose I don't have to tell you to copy and paste this list of words onto your e-mail.