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Fuel's TOEFL:

A sample exam inspired by the Fuel's Paradise article printed in Wired Magazine.

1. In the 1950s and 60s __________ any need for automobiles to be fuel efficient, gasoline was plentiful
and cheap.
A. so that hardly
B. there was hardly
C. when hardly there was
D. hardly were

2. Of all the architects of the twentieth century few if any have received  __________ Frank Lloyd Wright.
A. praised more though
B. the more praise than
C. more praise than
D. more praise

3. Zebra mussels are a constant annoyance to electric power plants in Great Lakes Region since they attach themselves to the insides of coolant pipes and reduce the flow ____________ .
A. considerably
B. considering
C. considered
D. considerable

4. One interesting rule of thumb is:" __________ the climate is, the less diversity there is in the ecosystem."
A. Is the colder
B. Colder
C. It is the colder
D. The colder

5.  Bacteria survive in extreme environments: inside stones in the Antarctic to kilometers below ground in
temperatures ________ from below freezing to above 60 degrees centigrade .
A. range
B. ranged
C. on the range
D. ranging

6. If they could be adapted to life on the planet Mars , lichen _______________ soil, produce oxygen, and serve as
foodstuff for future livestock.
A. could help form
B. could helping form
C. which help could form
D. who's form could help

7. In 1999 the 3&1/2 inch floppy disk __________ had out-lived it usefulness, at least according to Apple computers.
A. which was used to store data world wide
B. were used to store data world wide
C. storing used data world wide
D. used to store data world wide however

8. Arthur Holmes , considered the great father of geology, thought that oil fields ________________ in areas of seismic activity..
A. scarcely were
B. scarce
C. which were scarce
D. were scarce

9. In his book The Deep Hot Biosphere , Thomas Gold suggests that methane and other hydrocarbons
percolate up from the Earth's crust and that it is only when they ___________________  a layer of rock that
petroleum and natural gas fields form.
A. to reach and to fail to penetrate
B. must reach and fail to penetrate
C. reach and fail to penetrate
D. that had reached and failed to penetrate

10. Disappointing for science fiction fans, the only "robots" that the average person encounters in
his or her daily life are the coffee machines __________ coffee and other hot drinks in companies and
public places.
A. dispenser
B. where dispensers of
C. when dispensing
D. that dispense

11. Unfortunately for Thomas Gold, ____________ theories about the surface of the Moon that
he received his greatest notoriety.
A. because his
B. with his
C. it was with his
D. the

12. Petroleum and Natural Gas (or methane ) have been traditionally called ___________ because it was believed that
their origin was organic..
A. it is the fossil fuels
B. fossil fuels
C. these fossil fuels
D. the fossil fuels for

13. In the NFL teams can be broken down into three squads: offense, defense, and special teams, and although
_______________ eleven players,  their functions and objectives are very different.
A. each is composed of
B. of each is composed
C. that each is composed of
D. which each is composed

14. Foreign language teachers utilize group activities and games _____________ student to student communication .
A. that developing
B. the development
C. to develop
D. and develop with

15. In refuting Thomas Gold's theory, many geologists point out _________________ petroleum deposits everywhere
and that these are known to be biologically derived.
A. that there are complex organic molecules  indigenous to
B. complex organic molecules  indigenous
C. complex organic molecules are  indigenous
D. that  organic molecules complex

For the next twenty five questions you must identify the error in each of the folowing sentences:

16. The A. discovery of helium in oil fields marked the beginning  B. for doubt in the  C. minds of many geologists  D. in this term "fossil fuel".

17. When students from EMSE  A. are gathered  together, they become  B. qualitatively different creatures from  C. what are they when D. alone or in pairs.

18. Most astronomers today agree that our planet never went through a molten period in  A. its formation B. thus it's probable that huge reserves of hydrocarbon  C. exists in D. the Earth's mantle.

19. Europe  A. becomes the  B. portable telephone capital of  C. the world at the end of  D. the twentieth century .

20. Because there  A. appears  no limit to the amount of software that you can download, B. he  seems to be like a  gas C. that expands   to fill  D. any size hard disk that you install..

21. During their formation, diamonds, A. the most hardest material known to science  B. need to be cooled rapidly,  C. otherwise they  D. become graphite.

22. Part of Thomas Gold's theory depends on  A. the fact that over vast  B. regionals C. composed of  many different land forms, with no two sediments the same D. the chemical signature of the petroleum  seems identical.

23. Internauts  A. who surfed  B. the web in the  C. latest twentieth century  D. won't recognize the internet in ten years.

24.  A. Unlikely B. most scientists Thomas Gold  C. has made  important D. contributions
 in many fields from cosmology to biology.

25. Undersea thermal vents A. were first B. discovered by  C. the submarine  Alvin D. at a deep of over a
5,000 feet.

26. Late in the year  2000,  A. futures analysts B. still predicted C. large increases in the price of crude to the delight of D. petroleum major companies.

27. The Titanic, while being the  A. greatest shipwreck B. in history has C. also become  a  D. symbols of Man's hubris.

28. Maria is  A. much interested in  B. improving her conversational C. skills in French D. than in learning English.

29.  A. The internal combustion engine B. invented at the end of the nineteenth century C. is over D. the hundred years old. (Time for something new?)

30. Thanks to  A. years of   anti-pollution devices  B. on cars and  C. unleaded gasoline, air pollution in Los Angeles  has been greatly  D. reduction.

31 The era of . A. oil explore B. began in Pennsylvania C. when oil was  D. discovered on a small farm.

32. A. The seeds of the marijuana plant B. is  C. often used in  bird feed  D. presumably this makes the songbirds
sing more often.

33. Following Thomas Gold's advice, Sweden  A. drilled into granite B. who produced fifty barrels  C. of ordinary crude  D. from six kilometers down.

34.  A. The progress of computers from the  B. earliest work to the present has benefited from continuous improvements in C. materials, programming , and  D. equipments .

35. The rail system  A. is extensive in the Boston metropolitan area  B. however the service  C. will seem much D. least rapid to European and Japanese visitors.

36. Barge traffic, in France, A. debuted in the 19th century, has  B. steadily decreased C. in favor of D. trucking firms

37. With  A. an atomic number  B. of one hydrogen is the C. lighter gas D. known.

38. A. Because water can not be  B. compress, it is being considered for shielding in battle for  C. both tanks and solders D. alike .

39.  A. The idea of unlimited fossil fuel  B. that can pleases many motorists appears something of a nightmare  C. for ecologists  D. and proponents of renewable resources.

40.  A. Many of today's movies B. depend of digital images created by Studio 3D  C. than on the courage of their stuntmen  D. or the skills of their makeup crew..

You have made :  errors.       and your approximate Toefl score is between 

Bonus Questions:  Do you know who , when , and where petrolium was discovered?

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