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TOEFL Man's favorite intellectual challenge!

The bane of international students everywhere! This page function is to list reputable and perferably free websites, tests, and test materials available to
students via the internet and well as regrouping the TOEFL materials that I have made.

TOEFL OnLine Tests and websites
Here in my humble opinion are the top TOEFL sites on-line:

1. Free TOEFL Practice By Kenneth Beare,
2. 4Test.com's sample toefl test 45 questions, excellent quality
3. Test Magic's TOEFL Structure #01
Test magic
is a wonderful site with on line examples of multiple choice test like the GMAT, SAT, and others.
4. TOEFL page by my friend Didier MADELAINE . Really help for French students like for an internet guide to the TOEFL.
5. English-test.net while not especially designed for the TOEFL there is enough grammar for the most hardened TOEFL fan.
6.  Beat the TOEFL this site has a very interesting attitude:-))
7. TOEFL Practice  the is a shockwave based grammar test. It appears limited in choice but very well done.
8.  English Quizzes by Kenji Kitao & S. Kathleen Kitao - includes examples of both  TOEIC and TOEFL
9.  Daily TOEFL Quiz adaquate tests each day, Why not try it?
10. The ETS Community this is the official website for online TOEFL study. (I doubt if it is free however)

 Some of my exercises to practice  for the TOEFL
40 Grammar Questions


Son of TOEFL
This is an attempt to imitate the oral aspect of the TOEFL using the voices of my students.
You can use your students to do the same thing. 1. Have them record in .wav format the speeches found here in voices with the same name as given. 2. put all of their voices in the same file as a copy of the Son of TOEFL page. You're in business.

With projected scores!

The is the first test I wrote that gives you a score on the grammar section. 
Fuel's TOEFL a grammar test with forty questions loosely based on an article in wired magazine 
Hours of Fun. 

A Boston Toefl Exam    This test incorporates lots of fun facts about Boston and Massachusetts 

Astrobiology 101 Is there Life on planets orbiting red dwarf stars: What kind of creatures might develop around a small red star. This is my first reading test and could use all the editing you can spare. Your comments will be appreciated.


  Choose the synonym closest in meaning, 20 questions in all. 

Vocabulary Gleaned from the TOEFL , yes here are some words often found in the oral comprehension  part of the TOEFL 

University Vocabulary for the TOEFL
What a lot of people forget is that the TOEFL is designed to see if you can survive in college in the United States and that the TOEFL is not simply a test of your English ability. Here are some tests by Liliane Bois-Simon that help illustrate this fact : 
Test One : to hand in, to major, to hit the books...
Test Two : prize, scratch paper, deadline, etc
Highly Recommended!!!

A special  guest lesson from

Toefl Lives

While it maybe hard to believe, many of my former students swear that one of the easiest ways to
study for the Toefl is to play computer video games. The game most cited is Civilization II,
with its complex vocabulary and difficult game plan (you have to take a civilization from the
caves to spaceflight) it has been said that after playing Civilization II the Toefl is a breeze.
Here is something not quite as serious:
TWAFL (This one takes a long time to load.)