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Testnumber 8
If you finish early you can hurt yourself on
LogicalFallacies the subject is logic and the English is hard

Daily TOEFL Quiz
adaquate tests each day, Why not try it?

Here's a place that will test you at least once for free:

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Plural or Singular match the correct verb to the subject.

Son of TOEFL hear your own voices or at least those of my students

and see if you can answer the questions

Using Aside, Besides, etc. + Make & Do

Fuel's TOEFL a grammar test with forty questions loosely based on an article in wired magazine
Hours of Fun.

Today's hint: If you have a weakness in a particular TOEFL section say for example the Oral section.
There is a brute force method of improving your score. Say that you normally score
a 490 on the oral and you would like that to improve to 550.
For every five to ten points that you wish to improve your score you should take a practice test.
So in this case the minimum number of practice tests would be 6.
This is only a rule of thumb and may not work in all cases.
Herculean Vocabulary Builder

Here is the beginning of  twelve lessons to develop your student's vocabulary. A lot of the these words are use in standardized test like the TOEFL or the TOIC. There are over one hundred everyday words included with related exercises for each lesson. This is an on going project so please excuse anything that is not yet working. Hercules had 12 trials to perform, why not you?

Lesson I    (stare, fancy, trust, fold, reluctant, quick, pretend, waste, miss, around)

The Wonderful TOEFL Matrix
I avow that I had nothing to do with the creation of this game.
Students from the promo 1997 did this in their third year
Okay time to test the limits of interactive technology
take this fill in the blank e-mail test
here is the html address of my TOEFL exercises

Here is a discription of my Professor's TOEFL exercises:

TOEFL Man's favorite intellectual challenge! by Chris Yukna
A sometimes humorous collection of TOEFL hints, interactive quizzes and tests.
Some that give fairly accurate estimates of TOEFL scores. All of these exercises
have a second objective: to learn about other subjects while still studying the TOEFL.

Life on planets orbiting red dwarf stars : (Reading Comprehension)
This is my first reading test and could use all the help in editing you can spare.

A Boston Toefl Exam
The TOEFLUniversity Vocabulary
If you can't contact Japan click here

Sensible and Sensitive      ( alike, unlike, dislike, like, likeness sensible,
                             sensitive, practice, play )
When to Use: Stilland Yet
TOEFL GRAMMAR The is the first test I wrote that gives you a score on the grammar section.
40 Grammar Questions (Just like the real TOEFL) With projected scores!