Some Simple Questions to Test Comprehension
Category: Nature

1. What animal lays the biggest egg?
The Ostrich
2. What can the rings of a tree trunk tell you?
The age of the tree.
3. What domestic animal resembles a wild boar?
The pig.
4. True or false: there are polar bears at the South Pole.
5. What does a pelican eat?
6. How many legs does a spider have (8) ? a fly? (6) a bee? (6) a horse? (4)
7. What star heats the Earth?
The Sun
8. What color is the sky in outer space?
9. What do you call a mountain that spews out lava and ash?
A volcano.
10. Are there some mushrooms that you shouldn't eat? Why?
Yes, some are poisonous and others are hallucinogenic.
11. True or false: do you have hooves?
False: cows and horses have hooves, people have feet.
12. Does a goat give milk?
Of course, goats are mammals.
13. Where is the coldest place on Earth?
14. What bird puts its eggs in other bird's nests?
The coocoo.
15. True or false: all trees lose their leaves in the Fall.
False: the evergreens keep their leaves that is why they are called evergreens!
11. What does a termite eat?
16. True or false: some ant queens live to be fifty years old.
17. What happens when a crab loses a claw.
The claw regenerates.
18. True or false: do some birds build their nests entirely on water?
True: some ducks do.
19. What does the sea or ocean do several times a day? What is that called?
It rises and falls, the tides.
20. When it's day here what is it doing on the other side of the world?
It's night.

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