Semantic Web

This page is about the course Semantic Web given by Antoine Zimmermann to the Master students in Saint-Étienne, in programme CPS² and DSC.

Organisation of the course

The course will take place in computer room S223 at école des mines, in the building of Institut Henri Fayol, 29 rue Pierre et Dominique Ponchardier, second floor.

Everything that is produced during practical sessions must be sent by email to at the end of the session, in whatever state it is at this moment. People who cannot attend a session must do the work at home and send it too. Be aware that plagiarism is a fraud.

Date and time Room Topic Documents Quiz
S223 Introduction, basics of RDF. How to publish Linked Data. The Turtle syntax. Introduction to the course and to the Semantic Web.
Resource Description Framework.
The Turtle Editor.
Publishing Web data.
First practical session.
Not today
S223 RDFa, JSON-LD, Embdedding structured data in Web pages. Ivan Herman's presentation of RDFa.
JSON-LD playground.
Second practical session.
Exercise 1.
S223 SPARQL, triplestores. Querying RDF databases and the Semantic Web. Introduction to SPARQL.
Third practical session.
Quiz 1 (not a real semweb quiz)
S223 RDFS, OWL RDF Schema.
Get Protégé 5.5.
The Protégé Tutorial.
Exercise 2
S223 RDF data management and programming. Fifth practical session. Not today, not enough time...
S223 To be decided... project work.
S223 Full time work on project
S223 Full time work on project
S223 Full time work on project
S223 Evaluation. Every pair of students present their work in front of the others. Schedule


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