Web Intelligence Summer School 2014

« Web of Data »

Web Intelligence in Rhône Alpes following project Web Intelligence

From 25th to 29th August 2014, Saint-Étienne, France

Supported by the French-German University/Soutenue par l'université franco-allemande/Unterstützt von der Deutsch-Französische Hochschule


Data used to be an asset that only companies and organisations had to deal with. The recent development of the World Wide Web has created a situation in which everybody should be aware of data management, manipulation, access and visualisation. This is because data on the Web has become crucial to our daily life: open data is changing the way public institutions are working, access to Web APIs make application development by third parties much easier, social networks are inciting more and more people to put personal, private, sensitive data online, and linked data is transforming the Web into a huge data base. The Web of data is thus complementing the already existing Web of multimedia documents, the social Web and the Web of applications.

The Web Intelligence community in Rhône Alpes and Universität Bonn are bringing together experts on various aspects of the Web of data in order to inform, teach and train attendees in the technologies that will enable them to both contribute to and take advantage of the Web of data to its full potential. During the week of the 25th to 29th of August, 2014, students will learn from formal presentations and hands-on sessions that will make them scientifically and practically competent with these technologies.

Programme Overview

The week will be divided into half-day sessions, each of which provides scientific and practical knowledge to the attendees. The expected topics are:

Important Dates

Opening of Application for participation:
15 March 2014
End of Application:
30 May 2014
Notification of acceptance:
7 June 2014
Deadline for registration:
30 June 2014
Summer School:
25-29 August 2014

Attendance and speakers

We welcome international participants, within a limit of about 50 people. In case we receive more applications than we can host, we will select attendees based on their CVs and motivation. The participation fee will be €300 for students and €400 for others, but students who have financial difficulties and show the value of participating to the school, will have their registration fully paid.

The speakers have been invited from the best known institutions in the field, in order to ensure highest quality in content and pedagogy. We will update the web site frequently as we get confirmed speakers and plan the programme.

Organising committee


Data, Web, Linked Data, Semantic Web, Data integration, Querying, Mining, Open Data, Privacy, Data vizualisation