Uncertainty & Calibration

Exercises with Excel : 

7 Excel sheets which are to be completed. (first page is an introduction without exercise).
(During classroom tutorial, "Solutions" Excel files are not available immediatly...)
  1. Mean Theorem, Central Limit Theorem 
  2. Comparaison of 2 means of measurements
  3. Calculation of uncertainty with "Combined Standard Uncertainty"
  4. Calculation of uncertainty with simulation of the error
  5. Test of the drift of an instrument (regression line)
  6. Is the linear model a good one?
  7. Calibration & prediction
  8. Multivariate linear regression: correction of a sensor

Translation of Excel functions (French <--> English)

Course "Statistics & Measurement", P Breuil, 2018


(P Breuil,  2018)
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